My Food Is Problematic

I have Opinions.
First, this is about lying, not JUST the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. Yep. I am obsessed with The Trial, and here is why. I DO love Johnny Depp, I have since I was 12. I am Team...
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It is really hard to find a therapist!
I started writing this with an application within WordPress, which is within GoDaddy, which is where my host thingy is. I clicked “go back to WordPress” and a pop up literally...
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Ask The Darcy
Since I have been messing with whatever I have been using to write blog posts, I have ignored Ask the Darcy things, so if you have sent something, please send it again! I have no idea...
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"Darcy, you are the weirdest combination of afraid of nothing and afraid of everything at the same time"
- Lindsey P.